Hunger Is Not Partisan  

Like hurricanes and tornadoes, and nonsensical tragedies, resolving hunger is one of the few issues able to bring people together. All the major traditions of faith call for their adherents to feed the hungry. Rural and urban alike can understand the importance of seeing that no child goes hungry.

Similarly, hunger is not a partisan issue. Not many political leaders think hunger is a good idea. In the last election, no one ran on a platform of increasing hunger.

In our nation’s legislative history, the great advances have come from bipartisan collaboration. Senators George McGovern (D) and Bob Dole (R) worked across party lines, putting partisanship aside for the shared purpose of feeding the most vulnerable members of our global community. Their work improved the lives of Americans and members of the human family across the world. The McGovern-Dole Food for Education Program, for example, has provided school meals to more than 40 million children in some of the world’s poorest countries. Senator Dole is still a member of the board of Bread for the World.

S. Lugar at Alliance

Another great champion of the hungry has been Indiana’s Senator Richard Lugar. Born out of his lived experience as a family farmer, school board member and Mayor of Indianapolis, Senator Lugar was a great friend to hungry people during his time in the Senate and continues to focus on reducing food insecurity.

I am grateful for Senator Lugar’s support for this Million Meal Fast. In a letter last week, he wrote: “I recently learned of your plan to fast for 16 days to call attention to Congress’s proposed cuts to the federal SNAP program. . . . I share in your disappointment over the congressional proposal and I thank you for your continuing efforts to help the millions of food insecure Americans.”

Please contact your Representative and Senators and let them know that you oppose cuts to SNAP. SNAP provides 2/3 of the food for hungry people in the US. It’s vital to kids, veterans and seniors. There is no better alternative.

“We can all agree that no one ought to go hungry in America, and SNAP is essential in protecting the most vulnerable citizens during tough times. For many it is a vital lifeline to keeping food on the table.”

K. Michael Conaway, Republican of Texas, Chairman of the House Committee on Agriculture, from: Past, Present, & Future of SNAP, Hearing Series Findings: 114th Congress

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